International Day of Peace

International Day of Peace

Today is September 21, the International Day of Peace. Every country is encouraged to put down their arms and observe a cease-fire. Every person is encouraged to reflect on their place in the human connection, their story of the human experience, their role in the international day of peace.

World Conflict: The way of ego

Sadly, our world is full of conflict created through greed and ego. Bullies destroy lives and pillage dreams as they lust after land on the global playground. Fundamentalists declare that their way of life, their culture, their religion, is the only true way, and they take up weapons, emotional and physical, to defend this way. The rich destroy the poor. The strong destroy the weak. War is a game that destroys the sanctity of life and mocks the international day of peace.

International Day of Peace: The way of the kingdom

Blessedly, our world also has corners of peace, hidden places where tears are dried and hope restored, pockets of heaven on earth. Heroes on the world playground rebuild lives and restore pillaged land. Healers bandage the wounded. Visionaries stand against violence and embrace all the colors and cultures of the human race on the international day of peace and every other day.

We celebrate these people on International Day of Peace. Their lights shine bright and cannot be extinguished by the darkness of evil.

We celebrate every person of every creed, religion, race, ethnicity, gender, age, ability, talent. Every life is valuable, every person is a child of the Creator, loved by God. Peace is our spiritual right and inheritance.

Peace is holy.

Peace is justice.

Peace is how Jesus showed us the way of the kingdom. Peace is the lion laying down with the lamb. Peace is every nation and person laying down their differences and embracing love. Peace is the heart of God.

Happy International Day of Peace, my friends.

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