elephants grieve

Elephants Grieve And We Aren’t Listening

Elephants grieve. I recently read an article about an elephant in India who is grieving the loss of her mate of over a decade. Elephants and other animals have emotions and understanding to which we humans don’t always listen. We would be wise to open our hearts and minds to the message of the elephants.

Animals are so much like us. They feel happiness and sadness, love and loss. They communicate with each other, and with us. They have great wisdom to share. But we have closed our hearts, closed our spirits, and stopped listening. Too much religion has made us uncaring; too much science has made us unspiritual.

Still, in the quietest depths of our spirits, we remember the cool green leaves of that ancient garden. We spent misty mornings talking with our brother bear by name, and we celebrated the golden afternoon dancing with the bees among the purple-pink blossoms. We grieved bittersweet tears with mama hummingbird when her little ones grew up and left their gossamer flower nest. All before Ego spoke to us the forbidden whisper of superiority.

Elephants Grieve

I recently read an article about an elephant in India who is grieving the loss of her mate of over a decade. She is listless and refusing to eat anything except the treats her trainer is giving her to coax her from her melancholy. Here is the article:

The Telegraph: Officials Order 24-Hour Care For Grieving Elephant

Elephants are majestic, emotional, and intelligent. They care deeply for each other, and for the earth. Elephants grieve. Elephants love. Elephants are old souls, teaching their young from the fountain of wisdom. They long to share their deep secrets with humans. If only we would listen.

Elephants and the Prophetic

Several years ago, early in my mystic journey, I started to dream about elephants. They told me things in the gray mists of sleep that I could not remember upon awakening.

Then, during my waking hours, I began to see elephants everywhere. I saw elephant television programs and commercials, elephant web articles in my news feed, even stuffed elephants crowding the stand of a street vendor. I knew the elephants were calling me, and, although I had no experience at that point talking to animals, I knew that I had to go to the elephants.

I soon found myself at the zoo gazing at the elephant exhibit (as if humans could reduce these majestic creatures to a display). Flowers brightened the grounds and filled the air with fragrance. The excited chatter of children on a school trip mixed with cheerful trumpeting as a baby elephant played in water and pranced around her mother. The adult elephants lifted trunkfuls of water and sprayed their backs, cooling their dry gray skin under the warm spring sun.

A baptism of the earth.

Spiritual wisdom.

I stilled my thoughts and I began to hear the elephants speaking deep in my soul:

Feel the vibrations of the earth. Plant your feet firmly on the ground and feel the shaking. The earth is hurting, crying under human destruction. We elephants grieve.

You cut down the rainforest and destroy the wisdom of the trees. You mine the earth, open up chasms in the ground and destroy our food, our home. You fight over diamonds and oil, and we cry.

We elephants are the guardians of all the animals. The Creator has made us a gatekeeper and the DivineĀ  has blessed us with her Sophia wisdom. We love the earth and long for it to return to the early days, the time of peace and harmony among all creatures.

Please carry our message. The earth is groaning, waiting for the prophets to rise up and restore justice and healing. We fear that the blood of human wars and human greed will unbalance the cosmic scales. Teach your fellow humans to be still and listen. Listen to us. Listen to the animals. Listen to the earth.

Stop plundering. Start healing. Remember who you are. Remember the garden. Remember before it’s too late.

We are the keepers of the animals, but you humans are keepers of the earth. Use your power wisely. We elephants grieve, but with the choices you make, we can turn our grief to joy.

I left the zoo changed by the elephants, with their message hidden forever in the safe space of my heart.

Blessing to the Elephants

The elephant in the article grieves her mate and shows us humans how to care and love. But I think her grief goes deeper. She feels the vibrations of the earth under siege. She cries with all the elephants over greed and human hatred. She grieves love lost.

I bless this elephant on her earthly journey, and I pray that she draws close to the healing touch of the Holy Spirit. I hope that her story, trending on social media, will help people to wake up and hear the cry, and the wisdom, of the elephants. Help people to remember the beauty of the garden before Ego came.

Bless the elephants and let their voices be heard across the earth. Help us learn to talk to brother bear and sister hummingbird once again.


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