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Angel Art

Angel art is always created before Yahweh’s throne. Heaven is a place of imagination, love, beauty, and art.

Angels Dance

Angel art dances before Yahweh’s throne. Angels twirl and circle, their graceful bodies sweeping the air, kissing the branches of the trees. They land on butterfly toes and skate the surface of the glass sea. Walking on water is no miracle in that land. Dancing on water is the miracle and the joy. Joy shown in a smile that stretches from the dancers’ faces to their outstretched arms. Joy shone in the twinkling of their eyes and the sparkling of their white gowns. Their joy flickers in the earthly realm for humans with open hearts. Angels lead the mating dance of the crane, or the early morning sky-dance of the stars. Humans rarely notice this dance of joy, but the joy is mirrored on the face of the Father.

Angels paint

Angel art paints before Yahweh’s throne. Angel brushes twirl and circle, gliding across iridescent paper. They paint the sky, the trees, the sunset. They create new worlds and recreate the glory of the old world, the forgotten world, the world before the fall of humans and angels. They create and they remember. Their art is glimpsed in the earthly realm for humans with open eyes. Angels paint the dew drop on a summer morning leaf, the last drip of blue in the dusk sky, the circles and whirls of a dragonfly wing. Humans rarely notice the paintings, but the Father sees, and He smiles.

Angels Make Music

Angel art sings before Yahweh’s throne. Angel notes twirl and circle, rising high above their silver and ebony instruments, joining with golden voices. Their songs move the spheres and keep the planets in orbit. Their music commands chaos into order. Their music brings the universe in tune. Their music is whispered in the earthly realm for humans with open ears. Maybe it is caught in a cool breeze windchime, or a far-off thunderstorm. But the music has faded over the centuries of the physical realm, and human hearts are dark. Humans rarely hear the music, but the Father hears, and He is pleased.

Angel Art Calls to Humans to Create

Angels spend their days creating beauty. Heaven is beauty, and creation. Yahweh is the author of all beauty, lover of all art. Every one of his creatures is also a creator. Human hearts are dark, and forgetting. Humans forget about beauty and only run after money. Endless running, endless money, more, more, more. Hamsters on a treadmill. Rush around, go to work, go shopping, go to sleep, repeat. Humans talk about creating money, but money is a harsh taskmaster, a cold idol, something that can never be completely grasped, or created. Humans strive after an idol they can never satisfy.

Yahweh is saying, “Come to me and rest. Come to me and learn the true meaning of your life, the meaning of beauty. Life is not found in money. Life is not in found getting ahead of everyone else. Life is found in creating beauty in the love and joy of the Father.”

So go. Dance, paint, sing. Learn once again how to be a child of Yahweh. You were born to create and love. Go, join the angels in making art and enjoy the splendor of the kingdom on earth.

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