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Warning to False Prophets

There are many churches and people who say that there are no prophets any more. I can understand their confusion. Most of the people who call themselves “prophets” in the Charismatic church are swindlers and sellers of snake oil. They preach peace when our nation is constantly at war, physically and spiritually. They are false prophets.

God is coming to judge America, indeed, the judgments have already begun. Stop listening to the lies of the false prophets proclaiming God’s blessing over America. Open your eyes and see our sinking economy! Look at the violent weather and the violent government!

False Prophets: Snake Oil and Prosperity

The false prophets sell the snake oil idea of prosperity. Every single year they proclaim, “This is the year of prosperity. Surely God is going to rain down ideas and wealth on our nation, on our church, and on you individually. Just donate your little seed money into my ministry!” They constantly fleece the flock and then they laugh their way to the bank.

Well, listen, you wolves! Jesus is not laughing at your tricks and your lies that you tell in his name. He is coming swiftly to take everything from you.

Joel Osteen

Joel Osteen, every day is not Friday, and you are going to lose your big church and big ideas. I laugh at your big ideas. Your are lower than an ant. At least an ant cares for its family, but you have the blood of your family on your hands, says Jesus. Now is the hour of repentance and judgment. Your mega-church will be called a shame and a desolation.

Rick Warren

The same goes for you, Rick Warren. You were born with a purpose to your life, a plan I made for you, says God. I knew you and I loved you. But you left my purpose to chase a purpose of your own design, a non-purpose. You made your millions. I sure hope that you enjoy them now in your little time on earth. I had so much more in mind for you than earthly fame and fortune, but you left me long ago.

False Prophets: 700 Club, Mike Bickle, Lou Engle, Benny Hinn

God says,

Listen up, you false prophets, you non-prophets who prophesy things I never said. I am coming to destroy your kingdoms.

Goodbye 700 Club, who proclaim hatred in my name.

Goodbye Mike Bickle, Lou Engle, and the International House of Prayer. You started a good race, but you brought in the televisions, brought in the politics against the poor, and you left my throne. Your kingdom will never overcome my kingdom.

Goodbye Benny Hinn Ministries. Healing is so much greater than money.

None of you will survive the coming storm. You will flee from my wrath. Your flocks will be scattered with no shepherd to lead them. Enjoy your wealth and your fame for a little while longer. It will do you no good in the time to come.

If you were a true prophet, you would listen to my spoken Word. You say that you hear me, but the shouting of your own selfish desires drowns out the whisper of my voice in your heart.

If you cannot hear me, at least read my word. All of my prophets spoke of social justice, of helping the poor and downtrodden. You care about no one but yourself.

Read the words of Jeremiah and weep. Read Micah, Amos, and see my coming vindication of the poor. Read Isaiah and turn back to me from your whoring games with money. You serve Baal, you do not serve Yahweh.

True Prophets

Do not be confused, church. Look no further, people. There are true prophets in your midst. They are not on television, they are not rich and famous.

True prophets live simple lives. True prophets hear the voice of the Living God, not a false god of prosperity. The true prophets plead the case of the poor day and night. The cry out against corporations, celebrity-worship, income disparities, sweat shops, all the evils of the rich.

I hear the cry of my true prophets, says God, and I am coming soon, very soon, to vindicate. Take warning, false prophets, the moment of truth is at hand. All whom you have destroyed will testify against you at my throne. Repent before it is too late!

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