waiting for snow

Waiting For Snow, Purification, and Justice

I am waiting for snow.

Of course I spend a lot of time waiting for snow in this frigid state of Minnesota. This is my third winter here. I am hearing from Spirit that it is our last. Our job is almost done in this land of winter.

Waiting for the First Snow

The weather forecast calls for a big snowstorm today, our first snow of winter 2014-2015. Even now I can see the first flakes, a thin layer on the ground. I am not looking forward to the snow blowing, blurring sight and traffic, blocking roads and sidewalks. The forecast is 6-12 inches, followed by days of frigid, below-freezing weather. That means winter has come, and we probably won’t see the grass again until spring.


I am still walking with a cane, my ankles and feet unstable and sore. The cold makes my joints hurt even more. But God told me several weeks ago to prepare for winter and buy sturdy winter boots. They were very expensive, but God provided the money supernaturally. I never imagined that I would have to use them before Thanksgiving, but here we are. I give thanks for the boots, part of The Father’s daily provision.

Sometimes the provision comes early, in a prophetic word. The boots arrived on a beautiful, sunny, 60° day. Noah’s ark waited for rain, and my boots are waiting for snow.

Snow of healing.

Snow of judgment.

Waiting for Snow as Healing

Each season has its purpose and its beauty. Nature is waiting for snow as a time of rest and restoration, a time of healing. God teaches the squirrel to store food, the bear to hibernate, the tree to give up its leaves in a rainbow of colors before the snow blankets the land in peace and rest.

Snow symbolizes purification. Even the prophet Isaiah spoke the Holy Spirit’s words of healing. In repentance our sins can be made white as snow. (Isaiah 1:18)

Pure. White. Healing. Snow.

The first snow is so clean, undirtied by cars and pollution. By the end of winter the snow will have accumulated and been plowed to big, grimy piles at the edges of sidewalks and parking lots. Piles of white turned to gray.

Repentance is the same way. When we confess our sins and turn from selfishness and greed, we are washed clean in the pure snow. But if we don’t continue down the holy road of repentance and change, doing kingdom works to renew our soul, then our original repentance will just get shoveled into a dirty pile, polluted by the cares and pleasures of the world.

Waiting for Snow as Judgment: The Snow Queen

Snow purifies the repentant heart, but it also brings judgment on the frigid hearts of the greedy and inhospitable. Minnesota is the coldest place I have ever lived, both in weather and in the hearts of the people. It is very hard to make friends as an outsider in this state. People tend to stay true to their lifelong cliques and be wary and inhospitable to strangers. In winters past, cars honked as we struggled to push our son’s stroller in the street because the sidewalks were covered in snow and we needed groceries.

Retail and commercialism drive the Twin Cities. The Mall of America looms large here, and a good economy creates an affluent population that lives by frigid calculations of buy and sell, insider and outsider. Frigid, unforgiving housing rules and unquestioned background checks have kept us, and many other unlucky families, perpetually stuck in a hotel room.

There is a spiritual explanation. Minnesota is a spiritual stronghold, the throne of the Snow Queen. She is a cruel villainess of many fairy tales, the evil imposter queen of Narnia in C.S. Lewis’s The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe.

But I will not lose hope. I am waiting for the snow of judgment. The snow queen will never win against Aslan the lion.

I have hope and peace that all will be put right some day on earth.

Waiting for snow.

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