tree told me we would move, yellow autumn leaves of the changing season

The Tree Told Me We Would Move: Prophecy

Talking With Trees

Several years ago I (re)learned how to talk with trees. Actually, I have been communicating with trees since I was a small child. One of my few early memories is rocking on my swing and listening to the trees whisper in the wind, the flowers sing in the sunshine. My favorite tree told me all sorts of magical childhood secrets. I believe that all children can communicate with plants, and animals, through the power of the imagination.

As a young adult in college, I loved to jog in the woods. I wanted to hear the birds chirping as the stood watch over my path. Giant trees, libraries of wisdom. I imagined them talking about the weather, musing on the frailty and follies of humans, as their leaves waved gently in the breeze. I pushed hard to the end of my race as I imagined the tree at the finish line told me I would make it.

But I never imagined that only a couple of years later, I would hear trees actually speak.

The Tree Told Me Secrets of Healing

After I finished grad school, I started down a new path in my spiritual journey. I began to awake to my prophetic gifts. Communicating with trees was one of the first wild things I learned.

On a balmy spring afternoon, I went with my husband to do a spiritual house cleaning. We followed the leading of the Holy Spirit to help the dead trapped in the house to cross over, to banish negative spirits, and to clear energy. The heavy energy work caused my asthma to bother me, so I stepped outside to take a break. As I leaned against one tree by the house, another tree told me, “Stay away from that tree. It is part of the dark army and has negative energy. Its pollen will make your asthma worse. Come lean on me, and I will give you healing.”

I was quite surprised to hear a tree talk, but I walked over and put my hand on the tree. I immediately felt a surge of energy, and my lungs opened up.


Then I felt the tree shake, and I noticed a wound on its trunk. I placed my hand over the spot and let healing warmth flow through my body. I felt her sigh as the tree told me “thank you.” This was one of the most tender and beautiful moments of my life.

I have been talking to trees ever since. They have taught me great wisdom, especially the spiritual principle of trusting for provision in every season.

The Tree Told Me We Would Move

There are many trees where we live now. The other day, as I was walking home from work, I passed under one of these trees, an old friend who often has an encouraging word for me. I wasn’t even thinking about talking to him that day, though. My mind was full of earthly thoughts about preschool and what’s for dinner.

Suddenly the tree told me: “You will be moving soon.”

I stopped and looked up. The tree’s leaves were shaking in the breeze.

“What?” I replied, silently.

“You will be moving. Don’t worry, God will provide.”

“Thanks friend,” I whispered, and filed the thought away in my head.

Today we woke up and started on our morning routine. For the past four years, we have been living in a hotel room, part of our prophetic battle and our rejection of the credit system, the American dream, and treasure on earth. As we pattered around the room, making breakfast, we heard a loud knocking at the door. A violent knocking. We opened the door to come face-to-face with an angry man, demon-black eyes staring us down.

“Be quiet,” he growled before turning and going back to his room.

The cold of his dark spirit permeated our room, and we decided to protect our young son and leave for the morning. We came back for lunch. Within minutes we heard the same violent knocking on our wall, felt the same cold chill of evil.

We went to the front desk and explained our fear for our safety. We were reassigned rooms, far from the offender.

We moved.

Just like the tree told me.

God did provide for us. We had inhabited a rare corner room, with double windows for all of my plants and the beautiful light. I loved that room. The new open room, in the heavily summer booked hotel, was another corner room. God cares about the little things.

This is the wild life of the prophetic.

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