Thanksgiving blessings

Thanksgiving Blessings: Journey of 2014

God has given us many Thanksgiving blessings this year. The great Provider, Abba Father, surrounds my family with love and courage here on Thanksgiving and the rest of the holiday season. He tells us that we are in the final leg of our hard journey in Minnesota. He sends the Holy Spirit to enfold my aching body in love and her soft healing touch.

I lost my job two weeks ago. You can read that story on our family gofundme page.

This tragedy was my midnight hour, the dark fear of homelessness during the holidays. Since then, I have seen Thanksgiving blessings pouring in, friends helping us, people expressing their love and sympathy for us. The love is a glimmer of light, the faint hint of dawn on the horizon of our new ministry, our new life.

God is telling us prophetically that we have crossed the midnight hour. He says we will receive favor from the worldly justice system, and in a few months the judge will allow us to leave Minnesota and head to the next stage of our journey, the East Coast. I am fascinated by the spiritual parallel of our journey with the physical fact that a new Exodus movie is coming out next month. The mystical Jewish teachings show us that the Exodus is both an allegorical and a historical journey. Yahweh leads the seeker through the gatekeepers and the exodus journey of the heart, while also performing natural miracles.

We must remain faithful as we leave Egypt soon and face the miracle of the Red Sea. In our life, I think the sea is represented by the mountains of snow, just like when we left Oregon. Oceans and snow, realms of the spirit. I take comfort in Thanksgiving blessings today and look toward the miraculous abundance on our journey forward.

Thanksgiving Blessings

Today is a day of rest and holiday, and we patiently count our blessings as we inhabit the waiting place. Here are my 2014 Thanksgiving blessings:

  • Safe housing, warm in Minnesota winter
  • The abundance of a donated Thanksgiving meal
  • Generous friends who have prayed for us and donated to us in this rough patch of losing my job
  • Unemployment insurance giving me time to heal and a chance to find a job more compassionate to my chronic pain
  • The companionship and love of my prophetic husband and lively son
  • The hills, valleys, wisdom, and miracles of my prophetic journey

A Prayer for Thanksgiving Blessings

Father God,
Thank you for my daily bread which you always provide, even when things look bleak. You give us the blessings of heaven in a dark world, the daily manna in the desert. Thank you for giving us an abundance of food and a breakthrough in our finances as Thanksgiving blessings.

God, bless those who have blessed us on the journey, curse those who have cursed us. Your blessings go beyond Thanksgiving down through generations of those with a right spirit.

Holy Spirit, thank you for blessing me with your daily wisdom and shekinah glory. My soul is shining in your love even as my body is battered by the journey. Thank you for your rest and peace and abundant Thanksgiving blessings.


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