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I can't breathe

I Can’t Breathe: Eric Garner, Police, Jesus

I Can’t Breathe. Police Above The Law.

I can’t breathe.

The last dying cry of Eric Garner.

His voice echoes on earth through millions of voices in the streets protesting for justice. The people are crying out for freedom. Freedom from fear of police officers who shoot and choke the life out of their victims. Freedom from terror of a violent, racist police force.

I have heard the argument many times that most police officers are caring, upstanding citizens who are forced to work with thugs. Yes, I do believe there are some good officers out there. I read their stories of delivering babies on highway shoulders, saving suburban house from robberies, pulling over drunk drivers before they hurt someone.

But Eric Garner, Michael Brown, and countless other people, mostly black and/or poor, have died under the oppressive suffocation of the dark side of policing. It seems that the violent officers run the game. The good officers keep their mouths shut and won’t or can’t stand up for righteousness.

I have experienced this personally. A terroristic officer pointed his gun at me and screamed at me to get down, while I was hobbling on a broken ankle and holding my two-year-old son. He violently arrested my husband on bogus charges. The other officer with him was gentler, even apologized to us, but he said that the rough officer was his superior and he had to “follow orders.” Why don’t these good officers stop the bad ones? The violent, murderous officers run the game, even if they are a small percentage.

They know they can get away with it. They abuse and kill victims, and never even face trial. They act above the law, because they ARE above the law. They can get away with murder. Grand juries almost never indict them, as shown so publicly with the Michael Brown and Eric Garner cases.

I Can’t Breathe. It’s On Camera.

People can argue all day about whether Michael Brown was a thug. There was no tape evidence. But the Eric Garner homicide by police was caught an tape. He was no thug, no threat to the life of the officer.

Eric Garner was put into a choke hold by New York City police officers, a maneuver so dangerous to victims that it is forbidden by the force. And what did Eric Garner do to trigger this violent procedure? He sold cigarettes on the street without collecting taxes. Hardly the crime of a violent thug. Certainly not a crime deserving of the death penalty.

The police said that Eric resisted arrest. Yes, he asked why he was being arrested. That is his right as an American citizen. He is innocent until proven guilty. Asking a question, or even accusing the officers of harassing him, does not qualify as assisting arrest. And it certainly does not justify a deadly choke hold.

The entire disturbing scene was caught on camera. Eric Garner never acted in a threatening manner toward the police. He plead for his life even as they choked the breath out of him.

“I can’t breathe,” he cried, dying. Why didn’t the officers let go? If the police are such good people, why didn’t they listen to his cry?

The callous officer who filed the first report did not even mention that a choke hold had been used (New York Daily News). The violence may never have come to light if a witness had not recorded the scene on camera. The medical examiner’s report did determine Garner’s death a homicide (Los Angeles Times).

The determination of homicide forced the involved officers to go before a grand jury. Even this was of little consequence. Despite the camera evidence, despite the medical evidence, the grand jury let the cops walk free to commit violence again. The American justice system committed the homicide against Eric Garner.

Because of American sanctioned police violence and American racism, this police crime will never come to earthly justice. But the heavenly cameras are always rolling, and this crime will not escape God’s holy justice.

How many of these police officers attend church, call themselves Christians? How many white Evangelicals say police racism doesn’t exist, police must kill to protect us? Jesus did not die on a cross for people to commit such horrible violence. Jesus was a friend to the poor and oppressed. People like Eric Garner.

I Can’t Breathe. I Have Asthma.

Eric Garner had asthma. This contributed to his death. The police should never put someone in a choke hold, especially a victim with asthma.

I can’t breathe. I know that feeling well. I empathize with Eric Garner. l, too, have asthma. Unlike Eric, my skin is white. The police never put me in a choke hold.

I have had times when I, too, cried I can’t breathe. This happened to me almost a year ago when I was working as a toddler teacher at Eagan Kinder Care. I had an asthma attack at work, and my boss disregarded my cry. When I went to the office to try to get my breath back, she told me to go back to the classroom and keep working through the choke hold of asthma. I did not lose my life, but I lost my job. My boss never mentioned the choke hold of asthma when she filled out paperwork making me non-rehireable. She lied that I “chose to go sleep in the office.”

I believe this was a prophetic sign and judgment of what would soon happen in New York with Eric Garner.

I wrote this poem in February 2014, when I lost my job to asthma and evil people in authority. I dedicate this poem to the memory of Eric Garner, who lost his life to asthma and evil people in authority. Eric, you are a martyr at God’s throne. Jesus holds you in his healing arms. Rest in peace from your earthly pain. Someday there will be holy justice.

I can't breathe
Image credit: [Flickr] Chris Ford. Licensed underCC2.0

The Empty Room: I Can’t Breathe

I look upon the empty room,
A room exhaling silence
       of child voices

The room sees
Eyes pour over lesson plans.
All the educational demands.
A told B and B told C
about the spontaneous ecstasy,
the momentary lessons be
of childhood wonder.

The room measures
Tick-tock hours measured by
laughs and tears and fears and smiles.
Days that measure, dress themselves
in colors of artwork upon the shelves
in water play in yellow sun
in raking red-gold leaves that run
with tiny footprints in the white.

The room sighs
Teachers silenced by harsh demands.
Take the pain upon their hands.
Fix the room, scream the theme
do the project, the curriculum means
but don’t you dare stay on the scene
just a minute late.

The room cries
Children sob the rules they dread.
Don’t make a mess, stay on your bed,
don’t put that bucket on your head,
too much noise behind the door,
be always ready for the Tour.

The room hurts
Teachers broken under stress
contradicting rules, duress.
Mental wounds leak out their bodies
while trying, trying, trying hardly
able to do it all and not get hurt

The room suffocates
I. Can’t. Breathe.

The walls of the room come closing in,
exhaling sickness, a volcano explosion.
Struggling to inhale the stale air,
the room echoes the silent terror.

The room dies
I. Quit.
Two words fill the empty room
I turn my back, I leave alone.
I must hide all the memories saved
to bury them in my mind’s grave.
I leave the room to the hands of God.
And breathe a prayer for my beloved

I think upon the empty preschool room,
A room exhaling silence
       of voices of pain
       spiritual death

Thanksgiving blessings

Thanksgiving Blessings: Journey of 2014

God has given us many Thanksgiving blessings this year. The great Provider, Abba Father, surrounds my family with love and courage here on Thanksgiving and the rest of the holiday season. He tells us that we are in the final leg of our hard journey in Minnesota. He sends the Holy Spirit to enfold my aching body in love and her soft healing touch.

I lost my job two weeks ago. You can read that story on our family gofundme page.

This tragedy was my midnight hour, the dark fear of homelessness during the holidays. Since then, I have seen Thanksgiving blessings pouring in, friends helping us, people expressing their love and sympathy for us. The love is a glimmer of light, the faint hint of dawn on the horizon of our new ministry, our new life.

God is telling us prophetically that we have crossed the midnight hour. He says we will receive favor from the worldly justice system, and in a few months the judge will allow us to leave Minnesota and head to the next stage of our journey, the East Coast. I am fascinated by the spiritual parallel of our journey with the physical fact that a new Exodus movie is coming out next month. The mystical Jewish teachings show us that the Exodus is both an allegorical and a historical journey. Yahweh leads the seeker through the gatekeepers and the exodus journey of the heart, while also performing natural miracles.

We must remain faithful as we leave Egypt soon and face the miracle of the Red Sea. In our life, I think the sea is represented by the mountains of snow, just like when we left Oregon. Oceans and snow, realms of the spirit. I take comfort in Thanksgiving blessings today and look toward the miraculous abundance on our journey forward.

Thanksgiving Blessings

Today is a day of rest and holiday, and we patiently count our blessings as we inhabit the waiting place. Here are my 2014 Thanksgiving blessings:

  • Safe housing, warm in Minnesota winter
  • The abundance of a donated Thanksgiving meal
  • Generous friends who have prayed for us and donated to us in this rough patch of losing my job
  • Unemployment insurance giving me time to heal and a chance to find a job more compassionate to my chronic pain
  • The companionship and love of my prophetic husband and lively son
  • The hills, valleys, wisdom, and miracles of my prophetic journey

A Prayer for Thanksgiving Blessings

Father God,
Thank you for my daily bread which you always provide, even when things look bleak. You give us the blessings of heaven in a dark world, the daily manna in the desert. Thank you for giving us an abundance of food and a breakthrough in our finances as Thanksgiving blessings.

God, bless those who have blessed us on the journey, curse those who have cursed us. Your blessings go beyond Thanksgiving down through generations of those with a right spirit.

Holy Spirit, thank you for blessing me with your daily wisdom and shekinah glory. My soul is shining in your love even as my body is battered by the journey. Thank you for your rest and peace and abundant Thanksgiving blessings.


waiting for snow

Waiting For Snow, Purification, and Justice

I am waiting for snow.

Of course I spend a lot of time waiting for snow in this frigid state of Minnesota. This is my third winter here. I am hearing from Spirit that it is our last. Our job is almost done in this land of winter.

Waiting for the First Snow

The weather forecast calls for a big snowstorm today, our first snow of winter 2014-2015. Even now I can see the first flakes, a thin layer on the ground. I am not looking forward to the snow blowing, blurring sight and traffic, blocking roads and sidewalks. The forecast is 6-12 inches, followed by days of frigid, below-freezing weather. That means winter has come, and we probably won’t see the grass again until spring.


I am still walking with a cane, my ankles and feet unstable and sore. The cold makes my joints hurt even more. But God told me several weeks ago to prepare for winter and buy sturdy winter boots. They were very expensive, but God provided the money supernaturally. I never imagined that I would have to use them before Thanksgiving, but here we are. I give thanks for the boots, part of The Father’s daily provision.

Sometimes the provision comes early, in a prophetic word. The boots arrived on a beautiful, sunny, 60° day. Noah’s ark waited for rain, and my boots are waiting for snow.

Snow of healing.

Snow of judgment.

Waiting for Snow as Healing

Each season has its purpose and its beauty. Nature is waiting for snow as a time of rest and restoration, a time of healing. God teaches the squirrel to store food, the bear to hibernate, the tree to give up its leaves in a rainbow of colors before the snow blankets the land in peace and rest.

Snow symbolizes purification. Even the prophet Isaiah spoke the Holy Spirit’s words of healing. In repentance our sins can be made white as snow. (Isaiah 1:18)

Pure. White. Healing. Snow.

The first snow is so clean, undirtied by cars and pollution. By the end of winter the snow will have accumulated and been plowed to big, grimy piles at the edges of sidewalks and parking lots. Piles of white turned to gray.

Repentance is the same way. When we confess our sins and turn from selfishness and greed, we are washed clean in the pure snow. But if we don’t continue down the holy road of repentance and change, doing kingdom works to renew our soul, then our original repentance will just get shoveled into a dirty pile, polluted by the cares and pleasures of the world.

Waiting for Snow as Judgment: The Snow Queen

Snow purifies the repentant heart, but it also brings judgment on the frigid hearts of the greedy and inhospitable. Minnesota is the coldest place I have ever lived, both in weather and in the hearts of the people. It is very hard to make friends as an outsider in this state. People tend to stay true to their lifelong cliques and be wary and inhospitable to strangers. In winters past, cars honked as we struggled to push our son’s stroller in the street because the sidewalks were covered in snow and we needed groceries.

Retail and commercialism drive the Twin Cities. The Mall of America looms large here, and a good economy creates an affluent population that lives by frigid calculations of buy and sell, insider and outsider. Frigid, unforgiving housing rules and unquestioned background checks have kept us, and many other unlucky families, perpetually stuck in a hotel room.

There is a spiritual explanation. Minnesota is a spiritual stronghold, the throne of the Snow Queen. She is a cruel villainess of many fairy tales, the evil imposter queen of Narnia in C.S. Lewis’s The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe.

But I will not lose hope. I am waiting for the snow of judgment. The snow queen will never win against Aslan the lion.

I have hope and peace that all will be put right some day on earth.

Waiting for snow.

holy road

Sunday Message: the Holy Road

Isaiah 35:8-10 MSG

There will be a highway called the Holy Road. No one rude or rebellious is permitted on this road. It’s for God’s people exclusively— impossible to get lost on this road. Not even fools can get lost on it. No lions on this road, no dangerous wild animals— Nothing and no one dangerous or threatening. Only the redeemed will walk on it. The people God has ransomed will come back on this road. They’ll sing as they make their way home to Zion, unfading halos of joy encircling their heads, Welcomed home with gifts of joy and gladness as all sorrows and sighs scurry into the night.

Sunday Message

I open my Bible this Sunday to study the written word of God. Here is the Sunday message the Holy Spirit leads me to: “As all sorrows and sighs scurry into the night.”

These words are so comforting to me right now. I have been walking, or limping, a roller coaster of emotions after severely spraining my ankle a few weeks ago. Yesterday I was walking to the bus stop on my crutches, and rude people were driving close to me with their cars, forcing me to go in the grass. There was no sidewalk, but the grass is so painful on crutches, not a smooth path.

The Holy Road

God promises me a smooth path, the holy road, where I will someday find rest. No evil or rude people will be allowed on that road. All my pain and tears will disappear. I will never have to use crutches on the holy road.

The holy road of the redeemed is described in Isaiah 35. If we look back at Isaiah 34, we find strong imagery. God is angry at the world as countries take up arms and fight never ending wars. The prophet describes the stars falling out of the skies, armies of stars reduced to nothing.

Stars Falling Out Of Heaven

The imagery of stars falling out of heaven is intense, but what if Isaiah is also describing earthly stars, people who thirst for power, the “important” ones on earth? Earthly stars, the greedy and the powerful, the rich who have received their reward on earth, have no place on the holy road.

Look at Isaiah 34:12

Leaders will have no one to lead.
They’ll name it No Kingdom There
A country where all kings
and princes are unemployed.

The stars will fall, the leaders will have no one to oppress. Their kingdoms will become dark places of hyenas and desolation, their thrones overgrown by weeds and the unquenchable fires of Yahweh. Their spells of cruelty invite the evil demons to dance and take over the night land.

Isaiah 34:15

Thistles will take over, covering the castles,
fortresses conquered by weeds and thornbushes.
Wild dogs will prowl the ruins,
ostriches have the run of the place.
Wildcats and hyenas will hunt together,
demons and devils dance through the night.


Cleansing and Healing

The stars fall in terror at night, but then comes morning, the next chapter, Isaiah 35. The cleansing and healing. Sorrows and sighs scurry away into the night. The earthly stars are cast down, and the poor and the oppressed are lifted up. Those who sorrow under the cruelty inflicted by uncompassionate people will be comforted. Those who sigh under the slavery of society will be bought and redeemed by God. Those who seek righteousness and compassion rather than personal gain will find the holy road. They will find healing and be set free.


Make a choice today. Seek the kingdom of righteousness and God’s holy road. Pray for the poor and the oppressed, and pray for holy justice on earth.

Image is courtesy of JHPhotography
pray for ferguson

Pray for Ferguson: The Prophetic Word

Pray for Ferguson. The city is erupting in violence and pain. The police are out of anyone’s control. Even our government has three branches of checks and balances and elected officials who are supposed to represent their communities. The police force has no election process, not even an outside regulatory agency. The police put themselves above the law.

But they are not above God’s law.

Pray for Ferguson: A War Zone

The images coming from Saint Louis are horrible. Green and black tanks thundering down the street. Giant military guns staring down the crowd through red cross-hair eyes. The police dressed in full military uniform, the camouflage of life and death. Full out war on civilians.

Peaceful protestors are being gassed and arrested. People crying out from a lifetime of pain and racial injustice, especially racial injustice under law enforcement, are burning police cars.

Pray for Ferguson.

God’s Prayer over Ferguson

God sees everything that is happening and all the history behind it. He weeps with those who weep. He holds Michael Brown’s family in his love, comforting them and promising vengeance. He sees the injustice and he fights with those who protest.

The Holy Spirit cries out:

How long will you continue to kill and destroy, you police officers who follow no law but the law of your own selfish ego? You go to church on Sunday and read your Bible where I told you, “Thou shalt not kill.” Even if you don’t go to church, I have spoken the same word to every religion and no religion. It is written on every human heart.

I have said “Thou shalt not bear false witness,” but you file fake reports and conduct scam investigations. Don’t worry, I have saved copies of all this evidence in my heavenly files. The Book of Life tells the truth of all your falsified evidence.

When you arrest someone falsely and destroy their future, it is written in my book. When you rip children out of their mother’s arms, sending them to heaven before their time, the blood cries out to me.

The Cry of the Martyrs

God says:

I have raised up Michael Brown as a martyr. He joins my cloud of witnesses with Trayvon Martin and Emmett Till and other American martyrs.

Michael Brown cries at my throne for justice, for a future of peace to those oppressed by the American authorities. I have sent armies of warring angels to fight with the protesters. Look at the skies over Saint Louis, they are dark with war.

America, wake up! The blood and tears of your victims have filled the bowls of my throne. The darkness of your acts of police and military violence, the senseless killings of innocent civilian life, must face an account. Pray for Ferguson, pray for the innocent lives, and repent of your violence.

America, you commit systemic violence, too, enforced by your authorities. You hide behind computers and never ending policies of minimum wage, layoffs, cuts to safety nets, while families and children gaze on the terrifying gulf of homelessness and hopelessness. I hear their cries in the dark night, and I see when you send your police to imprison them for being homeless. Pray for the homeless and the least of these.

America, you spread your evil around the world. You send your military overseas and create wars, proudly proclaiming your role as “world police.” Who made you god of this world? I see the blood of Iraqi, Afghani, Palestinian children killed by American weapons. The angels nurse these little ones at my throne while I count your sins against you.

America, you are so proud of your weapons of blood. You take your tanks and military gear back to your shores, where your police use it to set yourselves up as omnipotent. Who are you? I am the God of the Angel Armies. I laugh at you in anger and the ground shakes. As you imprison and kill my servants, the earthquake will come.

Pray for Ferguson. Repent. Bring justice and truth to the victims. Perhaps I will turn my hand, but the hour is late.

God’s Word to the Victims

God says:

To Michael Brown’s family, know that Michael’s death is not in vain. Your tears empower my angel armies. Rest in my love, and be patient in the tribulation. The wheels of justice are slow, but strong. The debt will always be paid, if not on earth than in heaven. My justice will never fail. Darkness and violence can never prevail.

To all the victims of abusive police, military, and authorities, I see your pain. My anger is a fire against injustice. Societies that practice injustice always fall. Israel, Babylon, the Roman Empire, the British Empire. The American Empire will fall, too. Wait and soak in my love. Pray for my supernatural peace. Don’t lose hope. Darkness will never win. Even death, in my love, is a victory.

Pray for Ferguson

Today I pray for Ferguson, Missouri.

I pray that justice will prevail and the cries of the people will not be in vain.

I pray for repentance and change, lasting change, in America. I pray for the martyrs, and I pray that the will of God be done on earth as it is in heaven.


tree told me we would move, yellow autumn leaves of the changing season

The Tree Told Me We Would Move: Prophecy

Talking With Trees

Several years ago I (re)learned how to talk with trees. Actually, I have been communicating with trees since I was a small child. One of my few early memories is rocking on my swing and listening to the trees whisper in the wind, the flowers sing in the sunshine. My favorite tree told me all sorts of magical childhood secrets. I believe that all children can communicate with plants, and animals, through the power of the imagination.

As a young adult in college, I loved to jog in the woods. I wanted to hear the birds chirping as the stood watch over my path. Giant trees, libraries of wisdom. I imagined them talking about the weather, musing on the frailty and follies of humans, as their leaves waved gently in the breeze. I pushed hard to the end of my race as I imagined the tree at the finish line told me I would make it.

But I never imagined that only a couple of years later, I would hear trees actually speak.

The Tree Told Me Secrets of Healing

After I finished grad school, I started down a new path in my spiritual journey. I began to awake to my prophetic gifts. Communicating with trees was one of the first wild things I learned.

On a balmy spring afternoon, I went with my husband to do a spiritual house cleaning. We followed the leading of the Holy Spirit to help the dead trapped in the house to cross over, to banish negative spirits, and to clear energy. The heavy energy work caused my asthma to bother me, so I stepped outside to take a break. As I leaned against one tree by the house, another tree told me, “Stay away from that tree. It is part of the dark army and has negative energy. Its pollen will make your asthma worse. Come lean on me, and I will give you healing.”

I was quite surprised to hear a tree talk, but I walked over and put my hand on the tree. I immediately felt a surge of energy, and my lungs opened up.


Then I felt the tree shake, and I noticed a wound on its trunk. I placed my hand over the spot and let healing warmth flow through my body. I felt her sigh as the tree told me “thank you.” This was one of the most tender and beautiful moments of my life.

I have been talking to trees ever since. They have taught me great wisdom, especially the spiritual principle of trusting for provision in every season.

The Tree Told Me We Would Move

There are many trees where we live now. The other day, as I was walking home from work, I passed under one of these trees, an old friend who often has an encouraging word for me. I wasn’t even thinking about talking to him that day, though. My mind was full of earthly thoughts about preschool and what’s for dinner.

Suddenly the tree told me: “You will be moving soon.”

I stopped and looked up. The tree’s leaves were shaking in the breeze.

“What?” I replied, silently.

“You will be moving. Don’t worry, God will provide.”

“Thanks friend,” I whispered, and filed the thought away in my head.

Today we woke up and started on our morning routine. For the past four years, we have been living in a hotel room, part of our prophetic battle and our rejection of the credit system, the American dream, and treasure on earth. As we pattered around the room, making breakfast, we heard a loud knocking at the door. A violent knocking. We opened the door to come face-to-face with an angry man, demon-black eyes staring us down.

“Be quiet,” he growled before turning and going back to his room.

The cold of his dark spirit permeated our room, and we decided to protect our young son and leave for the morning. We came back for lunch. Within minutes we heard the same violent knocking on our wall, felt the same cold chill of evil.

We went to the front desk and explained our fear for our safety. We were reassigned rooms, far from the offender.

We moved.

Just like the tree told me.

God did provide for us. We had inhabited a rare corner room, with double windows for all of my plants and the beautiful light. I loved that room. The new open room, in the heavily summer booked hotel, was another corner room. God cares about the little things.

This is the wild life of the prophetic.

austerity and end times

Austerity and End Times

People are taking to the streets right now in Greece as the government passes new austerity measures (New York Times). A schoolteacher can no longer buy food for her family as her wages plummet 20%, and she is forced to line up at the soup kitchen. A government worker loses his job overnight, and he faces the prospect of losing his apartment and finding a new home- on the street.

Austerity is the Pain of the Poor

The situation is grim and will soon be repeated around Europe and the United States. Do not think that we are immune. Our government may not be calling it “austerity measures,” but every cut to Medicaid, every dollar taken from the food stamp program, every government job cut, is another person closer to disaster. We, too, will someday see rioting in the streets as people have nowhere else to turn. We must change course.

Right now 85% of students graduating college in the United States are moving back in with their parents. 85%!

There are so few jobs for the young people. People with master’s degrees and PhD’s are working at McDonald’s and WalMart. What kind of a future do we have?  Out of hopelessness, these students will riot, especially if the government decides on new austerity measures to demand that they pay back their student loans with no income.

Meanwhile, the rulers in Greece, the EU government officials, the US congressional members and White House staff go home to their warm mansions and gourmet meals. Their austerity measures harm and make the people homeless and hungry. The rich do not feel the pain. They keep driving their SUVs while the poor have nothing at all to drive. They keep eating expensive imported foods while the poor starve. They laugh at austerity measures, saying that it will never touch them.

Austerity is a Sign of the End

But, oh so quickly it will touch the whole world! The world is locked together in an abyss of globalism, and the whole ship is sinking. The rich better take heed that their game is about to end.

The rain is starting to fall, and the flood will be let forth if we do not change course. Even in the day of Noah, the rich said that it could never rain. Yet rain it did. Justice is soon to be released in a torrent. God only holds back His hand in hope that the world will yet repent. Will the rich of the world choose the way of Noah, or the way of Jonah?

Austerity is a part of the beast credit system. The Christians have fallen under its spell. No man can calculate the number of the credit system, written on the credit card in your hand and the calculations in your mind (forehead). This beast is gasping for air, clinging to its dying breath, while the rich keep walking around oblivious. The credit system will fall, the poor will rejoice, and God will set the captives free.

There is no Austerity in the Millennial Kingdom

We are living at the end of time, and the beast will soon die. The millennial kingdom is coming, a kingdom of light and fairness, a kingdom with no hunger, no homelessness, no austerity measures. Jesus will reign in peace and love.

But before this kingdom comes we must live through the tribulation, the birth pangs, the dying. Things will be very dark for awhile. Earthquakes, floods, famines, wars, nuclear warfare, it’s all coming. Prepare yourself for the coming flood. Turn to God before it’s too late.

Are you awake? Is your oil prepared? Are you ready to stand firm and take your place at the great feast of the Lamb? Or will you sit back and keep stealing from everyone else, ignoring the poor and hurting among you until the very end?

false prophets, snake

Warning to False Prophets

There are many churches and people who say that there are no prophets any more. I can understand their confusion. Most of the people who call themselves “prophets” in the Charismatic church are swindlers and sellers of snake oil. They preach peace when our nation is constantly at war, physically and spiritually. They are false prophets.

God is coming to judge America, indeed, the judgments have already begun. Stop listening to the lies of the false prophets proclaiming God’s blessing over America. Open your eyes and see our sinking economy! Look at the violent weather and the violent government!

False Prophets: Snake Oil and Prosperity

The false prophets sell the snake oil idea of prosperity. Every single year they proclaim, “This is the year of prosperity. Surely God is going to rain down ideas and wealth on our nation, on our church, and on you individually. Just donate your little seed money into my ministry!” They constantly fleece the flock and then they laugh their way to the bank.

Well, listen, you wolves! Jesus is not laughing at your tricks and your lies that you tell in his name. He is coming swiftly to take everything from you.

Joel Osteen

Joel Osteen, every day is not Friday, and you are going to lose your big church and big ideas. I laugh at your big ideas. Your are lower than an ant. At least an ant cares for its family, but you have the blood of your family on your hands, says Jesus. Now is the hour of repentance and judgment. Your mega-church will be called a shame and a desolation.

Rick Warren

The same goes for you, Rick Warren. You were born with a purpose to your life, a plan I made for you, says God. I knew you and I loved you. But you left my purpose to chase a purpose of your own design, a non-purpose. You made your millions. I sure hope that you enjoy them now in your little time on earth. I had so much more in mind for you than earthly fame and fortune, but you left me long ago.

False Prophets: 700 Club, Mike Bickle, Lou Engle, Benny Hinn

God says,

Listen up, you false prophets, you non-prophets who prophesy things I never said. I am coming to destroy your kingdoms.

Goodbye 700 Club, who proclaim hatred in my name.

Goodbye Mike Bickle, Lou Engle, and the International House of Prayer. You started a good race, but you brought in the televisions, brought in the politics against the poor, and you left my throne. Your kingdom will never overcome my kingdom.

Goodbye Benny Hinn Ministries. Healing is so much greater than money.

None of you will survive the coming storm. You will flee from my wrath. Your flocks will be scattered with no shepherd to lead them. Enjoy your wealth and your fame for a little while longer. It will do you no good in the time to come.

If you were a true prophet, you would listen to my spoken Word. You say that you hear me, but the shouting of your own selfish desires drowns out the whisper of my voice in your heart.

If you cannot hear me, at least read my word. All of my prophets spoke of social justice, of helping the poor and downtrodden. You care about no one but yourself.

Read the words of Jeremiah and weep. Read Micah, Amos, and see my coming vindication of the poor. Read Isaiah and turn back to me from your whoring games with money. You serve Baal, you do not serve Yahweh.

True Prophets

Do not be confused, church. Look no further, people. There are true prophets in your midst. They are not on television, they are not rich and famous.

True prophets live simple lives. True prophets hear the voice of the Living God, not a false god of prosperity. The true prophets plead the case of the poor day and night. The cry out against corporations, celebrity-worship, income disparities, sweat shops, all the evils of the rich.

I hear the cry of my true prophets, says God, and I am coming soon, very soon, to vindicate. Take warning, false prophets, the moment of truth is at hand. All whom you have destroyed will testify against you at my throne. Repent before it is too late!

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Prophetic Word 2012: New Year

God’s prophetic word 2012 to the American church for the New Year:

2012 will not be a year of prosperity for the American church. I have given you more than enough. I am sick of blessing you with abundance and seeing you squander it.

Prophetic Word 2012 for the Church Buildings

God says:

I have given you giant church buildings to serve your communities, but you let these buildings sit empty all week. I have given you paid staff to tend to the needs of your neighbors, but you wile away your time on video games and porn. I have filled your offering plates so that you could bless the poor, but you have pocketed all of the money for yourself. I have even seen you take special offerings specifically for the poor, and then use that money as a Christmas bonus to yourself. This is an abomination in my sight.

I have sent the poor to your church doors to test you in this, and you have turned them away. You let the homeless man starve in the street while you got fat on the abundance I supplied. You let the disabled child die in the cold, while your church building remained snug and warm on my dime. You turned away the pregnant woman, saying you had no money to help her, when I had filled your coffers. You forced her to the doors of the Planned Parenthood, so I hold both her weeping tears and the blood of her baby on your hands.

Rather than use my money for a good purpose, you have spent it on making yourself famous. This is not my prosperity. Prosperity by theft of the people is a grave sin.

Have I not told you to do your works in secret? Yet you take my money and install expensive video cameras in your expensive churches to use for expensive air time.

Prophetic Word 2012 for Church Fame and Fortune

God says:

You use my money to buy top-quality instruments and sound systems, and you set your worship teams up as rock stars. You say that you want only the best for me, but you worship the musicians, and you steal worship from me. Your best should go to my sons and daughters struggling in poverty, not to your fancy stages.

You make yourself famous on television, you make yourself famous on the stage, but you degrade my name and make me into an unknown god. I am coming to restore the name of Yahweh on the earth, and I hold you, church, responsible for this desecration.

You spend my money organizing endless rallies in which you curse those less fortunate than yourself. I have sent my son Jesus into your midst as a poor man, as a gay man, as a woman struggling with an unplanned pregnancy. Yet you rally against Jesus and you mock my name. This is an abomination in my sight.

Because you have misused my funds and embezzled my blessings for yourself, I am withdrawing my prosperity from you. Spiritual poverty and curses will come on you in the night. Who are you to say that you do not want to enable people? In you arrogance you forget that I enable your very breath. What if I decide that I no longer want to enable you, church?

Prophetic Word 2012, the Arrogant Church Will Perish in Sin

God says:

You, American church, will perish in your sin while I invite those whom you rejected to my wedding feast. Your clothes are red with blood; you have no place in my kingdom.

I will go out to the streets and find those who are more worthy than you. My kingdom belongs to the poor in spirit, to the humble, to the meek. My son, Jesus, told you these things, but you refuse to listen.

You want to be called my child, but I do not know you. You are a bastard child, and your father is the devil. If you were my child, you would do as I command. As it is, I have given you years of chances to repent and turn to me. You call on my mercy, but you forget my judgment. My patience is wearing out. Your sins far exceed those of Sodom and Gomorrah.

Prophetic Word 2012: The Church in Governmental Seats

Gods says:

2012 is the year of judgment on the American church. I will allow your Christian leaders to fill seats of government. This is not my heart, it is my judgment. Because you have desired power over my presence, I am giving you over to your sinful desires. These Christian politicians will tear down the economy of the United States, and the empire will collapse.

If you do not repent and seek my face, the land will groan under your greed. I will cause great floods, earthquakes, and storms to come to the United States. In this I will reveal the selfishness and the greed of the American Christians to the entire world. The world will see it and shake.

Repent While There is Time

God says,

Repent, American church, while there is still time. Bring your tithes and offerings to me and I will distribute them to the deserving. Give up all that you have, and I may turn from my anger. This is your last chance to produce fruit before I cut down your tree.

I am sending my prophets to you. Hear their words and repent. Beware of the false prophets who preach abundance and prosperity. They are sent of the enemy, they are wolves in sheep’s clothing. They will lead you to hell.

Repent and turn to Yahweh, judge of the heavens and earth. Learn my name and learn my ways. Humble yourself in the sight of Yahweh, and do what is just and right. Let 2012 be your year of repentance.

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Christmas Message 2011

Christmas Message 2011: Jesus the Plain One

Away in a manger, no crib for his bed..

The Christmas message 4 B.C. was that of a baby in an inglorious animal stable.

The Bible says that Jesus came to this world in the most humble way. He was rejected by people from his very first breath. He had to sleep with the animals. People had no room for him in their inn, or in their hearts.

Growing up and starting his ministry, Jesus had no loveliness to attract people to him, no flashy sermon typed up neatly on his iPad.

Isaiah prophesied:

He grew up before him like a tender shoot, and like a root out of dry ground. He had no beauty or majesty to attract us to him, nothing in his appearance that we should desire him. (Isaiah 53:2)

His words were controversial, and they slashed his religious community in pieces.

Jesus died a cruel death, the most gory, horrific death imaginable. People spit on his cross. There was no human glory in the cross.

Yet look at his church today.

The American Church: The Fancy One

The Christmas message 2011 is of a trendy Jesus in a glorious church.

Pastors wear fancy designer suits, and they deliver their sermons from their iPads onto their Powerpoints. They rule over giant buildings full of gold and glitter and well-dressed people. The people smile and wave at each other, but they hold venom and hatred inside.

The church shouts out to every passerby, “Look I have the best nursery and the best coffee. Give my service a try, I’ll make you feel good.”

“Look at our building. We even have a gym. Come here and lose weight for God. It will only cost you $50 a month. That’s cheaper than Bally’s!”

“Come to our church, and we will wow you as we worship Jesus with our rockin’ worship team.”

The churches shout and flash and compete for the most business. Meanwhile the world is dying around them. Somehow this does not look like Jesus in a manger, Jesus healing the people, Jesus dying a prisoner’s death.

Christmas Message 2011: Make a Choice for Jesus

As you go to your candlelit, hip-hopping, coffee-sipping, seeker-sensitive Christmas service today, take a minute to talk to the man who gave everything for you. You might be surprised at what you hear.

christmas message 2011, candle and ornaments
Image credit: [Pixabay] condesign Licensed under CC0.