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Hobby Lobby Birth Control

Hobby Lobby Birth Control: The Fear Bring to Life into America

There has been so much talk lately about Hobby Lobby birth control and the Supreme Court’s decision on the Affordable Care Act birth control mandate. There are many ramifications on religious and social freedom and women’s rights. One example is this NBC News article:

Supreme Court On Birth Control: What Hobby Lobby Ruling Means

While these are valid concerns, I think we need to have a frank discussion about how this issue highlights women’s fears as well as women’s rights. Life is one of the greatest fears in the United States. read more

Christians and Toddler Pageants

I saw an episode of Dr. Phil today which featured two women who both use their daughters to compete in toddler pageants. One of the women is infamous for dressing up her daughter as the prostitute figure which Julia Roberts portrays in “Pretty Woman.” This mom insists that she would never portray her daughter as a “hooker,” and that she thought it would be a cute idea to do a character study of Julia Roberts.

Ok. Let’s process this. A three-year-old doing a “character study” of an actress portraying a prostitute? This is “cute”? What about sexual predators who might see these images? Would it be “cute” for them? read more