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Hobby Lobby Birth Control

Hobby Lobby Birth Control: The Fear Bring to Life into America

There has been so much talk lately about Hobby Lobby birth control and the Supreme Court’s decision on the Affordable Care Act birth control mandate. There are many ramifications on religious and social freedom and women’s rights. One example is this NBC News article:

Supreme Court On Birth Control: What Hobby Lobby Ruling Means

While these are valid concerns, I think we need to have a frank discussion about how this issue highlights women’s fears as well as women’s rights. Life is one of the greatest fears in the United States.

Too many women fear to bring new life into this dark society.

Hobby Lobby Birth Control and Desperate Poor

Women decide to take birth control for many reasons, and they should have the right to make their own medical decisions. But also, we cannot forget how many women are taking birth control out of fear and desperation. They long for a baby to love and add to their family. But low wages, lack of maternity and child care, and unfriendly government policies toward the poor make child bearing a fearful prospect for working families.

Hobby Lobby birth control decisions affect the struggling working class employees of this “Christian” employer. Is this what Jesus would do? Or would Jesus show compassion and love to these poor women and families?

I think Jesus would negate the need for birth control taken out of fear by providing for the poor working class. Perhaps Hobby Lobby should show this same compassion if they want to be “Christian.”

No Compassion for Working Families

My husband and I would love to have a second child. My heart aches for the possibility of unrealized life. Sadly, we battle a bad economy created by the endless war spending of the neoconservatives combined with housing bubble created the greed of Wall Street, harming almost all Americans.

The struggle of the national economy is personally compounded for us by our tragedy and rejection from our religious community and total support network. All this destruction has made me the primary bread winner of our family. No matter how hard he tries, my husband cannot find work. And if he did find a job, all of his income would be swallowed by child care. Without a second income, we struggle to leave the ranks of the working poor.

Working families in the United States face a lack of protection and compassion. Maternity protection is all but nonexistent. Federal law mandates twelve weeks leave for new mothers, but this is unpaid and only applies to large employers (over fifty employees). I work for a small business, so I could lose my job if I took time off to give birth. My boss is nice enough to probably not do that to me, but even so, I would only be able to take a week off unpaid before we could not pay our bills.

One week for a newborn baby. This is barbaric.

This is far less protection than most other countries offer, developed and developing alike. Check out this Huffington Post article and infograph. Lesotho, Papua New Guinea, and Swaziland are the only countries other than the United States that do not guarantee paid maternity leave.

Think about that for a second. Even failed countries, floundering countries, dictatorships, and occupied countries guarantee maternity pay and support for new families. Somalia, Burma, North Korea, and Iran all have maternity laws.

The problem is compounded by lack of affordable child care in America. Child care  for one preschooler averages $1000 per month here in Minnesota. Toddler and infant care is even higher. No wonder Hobby Lobby birth control coverage worries their employees. Care for just one child could easily take most, if not all, of their pay check.

Clearly, the United States does not value life. At least the life of the poor.

The Christian Right Does Not Truly Value Life

The Christian right proclaims day after day how much they love the unborn, but once that little life takes its first breath, their care and concern ends. This is especially true if the child is born into poverty or a family that practices a non-Christian belief system or lifestyle. The Christian right has tremendous political power in America, but instead of passing legislation to help families with maternity leave and child care, they consistently pass legislation slashing safety nets and harming the poor.

The Christian Right loudly proclaims that only the “responsible” couples with good jobs should have children. Then they picket in support of Hobby Lobby birth control legislation. It makes no sense.

Unless you consider the Christian adoption industry.

It is tragic how so many scared women, even teenagers, still children themselves, knock at the doors of crisis pregnancy centers, only to be condemned for their “moral failings” and pressured into adopting their babies to “good” and wealthy Christian families. They are condemned, and offered no support, financial or moral, if they want to keep and nurture the little life hidden inside, perhaps their only hope in a world of pain. Ironic how this happens so much more often to poor and minority women.

No wonder women are afraid to bring life into the world and need birth control coverage at their jobs. Life is the great American fear. We are truly a nation far from God, who is the author of all life.

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The Corporate Slavery Plantation

Corporations Linked to Slavery

Do you dread work? Are you getting ahead in your job, achieving personal potential and destiny? Or are you just paying the rent? Welcome to the American dream! Many people live under the daily burden of American corporate slavery.

The American corporation achieved the status of a “person” under the law in the 1886 in a Supreme Court case, Santa Clara County v. Southern Pacific. This is only a few years after the close of the Civil War and the supposed end of slavery in the United States. This is no coincidence. A sinister transaction took place; the plantation slave owner was supplanted by a far more insidious slave master, the corporate “person.”

The corporate “person” has tremendous power. Hundreds of individual corporations have bigger economies than individual countries! Yet this “person” is truly a monster, a monster that lacks morals, a monster that lacks a soul. The corporate monster has an insatiable appetite for profits, ever more profits. The corporation is a Godzilla who eats human souls for money. This is truly the Beast spoken of in the book of Revelation.

The CEOs and leaders of the corporate monster may have good in their hearts, but they have no control. They grip tight to their elite positions while creating an unscalable ladder to their heaven through thousands of computers, conflicting rules, work schedules, and low-rung corporate slaves.¬† Beholden to its appetite, to the great wealth for those at the top, the corporate “person” has a life of its own beyond any human control.

The Education of Corporate Slavery

The slaves on the corporate plantation do not rebel. They are trained well, from the first day the slave child enters kindergarten. The slave child is expected to sit down and do his or her work. The slave child who listens to the teacher authority is rewarded. The slave child who does not conform has his or her name written on the board, embarrassed into cooperation.

Some children never conform, but as juveniles they usually end up in the principal’s office, detention, jail. It is all about the domestication of the zoo animals, each with its own cage. And these cages have grown ever smaller with the passage of the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 and the Race to the Top grants. With this legislation, even the arts are slipping away from these slaves, turning them into brute beasts of labor.

People who create art are people who think. Thinking is dangerous for the Beast. Artists starve in the corporate slavery system.

The corporate slave master hides itself well. It lauds its achievement of bringing “prosperity” to the world, while downplaying all of its victims who line up for jobs in the streets of despair, asking only for a hot meal and their next month’s rent.

The American Church and Corporate Slavery

The American Evangelical church lines up behind the corporate Beast. The church roars the battle cry of prosperity, the church provides soldiers for the war, the church supports the system of the rich ruling the poor, the church calls “lazy” those on the bottom rungs of the corporate slavery system. Meanwhile, Jesus weeps as the entire bounty of the earth is stolen from him by the corporate masters.

The pastors line up, begging to be a part of this elite. They hold meetings about the corporate structure of their churches, and how many “giving units” tithed this week. They go home to their nice middle-class or better lifestyles, while telling the poor working people to put their last penny into the offering plate and trust God for the rent.

The American pastors ignore all the pain of the corporate slaves who barely scrape by right outside their church doors. They hate Jesus and his cry for social justice, for feeding the poor and setting the captives free. They love the rewards of the Revelation beast corporate system. They will truly go down to the pit with their lover.


The CEO and the Pauper

“Sunny day again today, Mr. Bracken.” The slim young man inched toward his boss. He watched for a nod from the gray-haired man sitting behind the desk, and then he took a seat at a nearby chair.

“Yes, just like the company finances. Everything is sun and roses.” Mr. Bracken adjusted his suit jacket and tie, then leaned back in his chair. He placed his arms behind his head and thought for a moment.

“You know, Tim, everything is going so much better since we laid off those 400 people last month.” He brought his arms forward and gestured to a graph in front of him. “Surprisingly, productivity has actually stayed up, and with the trimming of the budget we will all get nice Christmas bonuses this year.”

Tim nodded his head, perhaps a little too vigorously. He tried to cover his shaking hands. “Oh, yes, I can’t wait to tell my wife about our upcoming trip to Barbados. She has been bugging me for a while to book another vacation. I am so thankful that you promoted me to the board at this company. I couldn’t ask for a better job, or a better boss.”

“Well, thank you. I guess I better be going for tonight. You know that I volunteer on the church finance board, and we have a meeting later. I am looking forward to the Thanksgiving service this Sunday. My family has so much to be thankful for.”

“Me, too. Me, too. All thanks to you. Good night, sir.”

“Oh, Sam, whatever will we do now?” The woman looked across the table at her husband, tears rippling in her blue eyes. “I can’t believe that they laid you off.” She stroked her bulging belly. “How can anyone even have the courage to bring children into this world anymore? And your medical treatments, how will we ever, I mean you know the doctor says that the cancer is getting worse…” her voice trailed off as she laid her head down on the table and sobbed.

“It will be ok, sweetie. We need to trust God. He sees what is happening. Cheer up, it’s almost Thanksgiving. At least we have food on the table. The unemployment benefits will pay for that much.”

Tina looked up. “Trust God? But, Sam, we have had no way to go to church in months. Don’t you think God is mad at us?” Tina drew in her breath. “What about our rent, Sam? You know the money won’t cover our rent and your hospital co-pays. How can we choose between the two?”

Tim winced as he rose from his seat. The bones poked out of the hollow spaces of his body, chemo having decimated his once-strong build. He winced as he shuffled over to the other side of the table. He took Tina’s head in his arms and let his tears mix with her own. “I don’t know. I don’t know what will happen. But I do know that God is bigger than my job.”

George Bracken edged up to the side of his black BMW. He patted the gleaming side and whispered, “I love you. You are such a fine car.” He pulled out his remote and beeped the horn, then gave a sideways glance to see if anyone was watching.

A rain drop fell on his head. He looked up at the sky and said, “Well, girl, you ready to go to church? We better get out of her because it looks like the weather is turning bad.”

Tim helped Tina wiggle her way into the passenger seat. Her belly grazed the dashboard. “It won’t be long, now, before we meet you, little guy.” Tim patted his wife’s belly playfully. “You’re going to love it on planet earth. Do you think you’ll be here in time for Christmas?” He kissed Tina’s belly and then he kissed her cheek. “I love you so much. Try not to worry.”

Tim walked around the car and sat down in the driver’s seat. “Ok, old car. I know you’ve been feeling a little sick lately, but we need to go to the human doctor this time. Please keep driving for me, ok?”

The rain came faster and faster. Soon ice began to fall from the sky along with the rain. Traffic snarled and came to a standstill.

“Damn this traffic.” George Bracken pounded his fist on the dashboard. “I have to get to that meeting. The church cannot function without me.” He craned his neck to get a better view, and he saw a side road a few feet in front of him. He slammed his foot on the accelator and jerked his steering wheel left.

The side road was clear. “Now this is more like it. I’ll just find a little short cut.” The car shuddered as the odometer’s needle spun skyward.

Suddenly an old, tan Chevy came into his view. It seemed to be stalled in the middle of the road. George slammed on his brakes, but the BMW careened out of control. Wheels and ice flew together.

Shattering glass and crumpling metal drowned out Tina’s scream.

Tina and Tim looked around. “Where are we?” Tina whispered. Music floated in the air, encircling the emerald trees and making waves on the iridescent ocean. Suddenly they saw George beside them.

“Mr. Bracken?” Tim jumped back. “Wh..What are you doing here?” Tim paused as he realized George was not wearing any clothes. Without his designer suit and tie he looked rather…well, normal, even ugly.

Before the three could gather their thoughts, a man appeared beside them. He stood about eight feet tall, holding a sword on one side and a trumpet on the other. He wore gleaming white clothes, made even more splendorous beside their naked bodies. George’s face turned white, as he covered his eyes with his hands. “It’s too bright,” he cried.

The man put the trumpet to his lips and let out a long, low blast. He said, “I am an angel of YHWH. Come, it is time for the judgement.” He whisked the three up in his arms. As he flew, they could see a city in the distance, gleaming with a white light. Coming closer, they could see an abundance of gold, sapphires, and rubies, the most beautiful kingdom ever seen.

“Look at all the wealth. I can’t wait to tell the other guys about this place.” George was transfixed on the jewels. The angel continued his flight until they came to the city gates. In front of the gates stood a mountainous pedestal holding a gigantic book. The angel set the three down in front of the book. The pages flipped open.

“Tim and Tina, I have seen your struggles.” The three humans fell down prostrate as the voice boomed around them. The angel continued to stand upright, watching the book. “I have seen your struggles, and I have heard your prayers. I saw when you bought your neighbor’s groceries, even though you barely had money for your own food. I saw when you took that orphan child into your home until she could be reunited with her parents. I saw how you helped the sick and the lonely and the imprisoned ones. Your deeds have been recorded in the book. Welcome to my kingdom, my good and faithful servants. Enter into eternal joy. Here you will experience need and suffering no longer.” The angel took Tina and Tim by the hand and raised them to their feet. The city gates opened in front of them, and they joyfully ran into the city.

“Mr. Bracken, I entrusted you with a lot on earth. You went to church and you said my name, but you never knew me. You gained all the world’s money and all the world’s fame, but you helped nobody.”

“Stop, stop!” George cried. “I helped lots of people. I ran my church’s finances. I mean, we used that money to send lots of missionaries to Africa. I also ran that business that my father gave me. I mean, we hired lots of people.”

“NO!” The voice boomed. “You did not hire lots of people. You destroyed lots of people. I saw when you laid all of those people off. Was it really worth your bottom line to let people starve and go homeless? Or did you even think about that?

I saw when you pocketed the kickbacks from those African charities which your church supported. Your life consisted of stealing, killing, and destroying while you sat back and called yourself good. It is all written in my book. You have no place in my kingdom.”

“But, Lord, what about that time I brought computers to that middle school? I mean, I donated those machines, and the publicity was not that much. Or the time that my company sponsored that soccer team. I mean, you do like soccer, right?”

“You are a wicked servant. You are not worthy to see my face or to even say my name. Your good works are a mockery to me. Your church cannot save you.

“But, Lord, I said the salvation prayer. I thought that was enough.”

“Enough! You had ample chances on earth. Your heart is evil, and you are not worthy of the kingdom. Depart from me!”