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ego triumphs compassion

Ego Triumphs Compassion

The Beauty of Compassion

As I flipped television channels last night, I came upon a Nova program that chronicled the journey of two Bangladeshi conjoined twins. They underwent a grueling, 34-hour separation surgery in Australia. They are now doing great. One of the twins has some developmental difficulties, but they are both so lucky to be alive.

The story was dramatic and heart-warming. Many, many people came together to create this miracle, including case workers, adoptive parents, doctors, nurses, surgeons, even the Australian government. It was a beautiful story, but one thing troubled me. read more

churches help homeless families

Churches Help Homeless Families

Churches help homeless families. A few churches in Portland, Oregon have answered the call to give a small amount of money toward the big needs of families suffering homelessness this winter. Will more churches answer the call, or are they too focused on prosperity and pretty trimmings?

JOIN: New City Initiative for the Homeless

There is a nonprofit group called JOIN in Portland, Oregon. They have put together the New City Initiative as a way to gently push churches to help homeless families among the overwhelming homeless population in Portland. They are asking for 10 churches to give $2400, $800 a month for three months, to help house 10 families for three months while they get on their feet. The organization is also asking that these churches provide a few volunteers to visit with the homeless families. If $800 is too much to ask, then the organization suggests that several churches band together to support one family. Furthermore, this is not an ongoing commitment. It is only a one-time thing. Easy peasy. Read more with this Oregonian article Expanding capacity to help homeless. read more

Christian responsibility to the poor, homeless and depressed boy

Christian Responsibility to the Poor

The Christian responsibility to the poor is clear. Over 300 times in scripture, God commands his followers to care for the poor. His eye is on the poor who cry out to him day and night for justice.

The life of the poor person is stressful, and highly uncertain from day to day. God has compassion on the poor. He understands poverty intimately, as He came to walk the earth in the form of a poor man named Jesus. Jesus was so poor that he did not even have a home, or a place to lay His head (Luke 9:58). Jesus still walks the earth through the poor who are close to his heart. read more

Salvation Army- Not Saving Anyone

I read in The Oregonian today that the Portland Salvation Army, and its bell ringers, takes in about $5000 in donations from the red Christmas kettles every day! (Oregon Live) What  do they do with all of this money?

Two years ago, my husband and I were struggling to pay our bills. He had been laid off from his seasonal job at JCPenney, and I was 9 months pregnant. We had exhausted all of our credit and all of our savings paying our rent and utilities and trying to stay afloat.  I had been desperately searching for work for months, but no one seemed to want to hire a pregnant woman. We were only days from having our electricity turned off, and only weeks from eviction from our apartment if we could not find some money soon. read more