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Prophetic Word 2012: New Year

God’s prophetic word 2012 to the American church for the New Year:

2012 will not be a year of prosperity for the American church. I have given you more than enough. I am sick of blessing you with abundance and seeing you squander it.

Prophetic Word 2012 for the Church Buildings

God says:

I have given you giant church buildings to serve your communities, but you let these buildings sit empty all week. I have given you paid staff to tend to the needs of your neighbors, but you wile away your time on video games and porn. I have filled your offering plates so that you could bless the poor, but you have pocketed all of the money for yourself. I have even seen you take special offerings specifically for the poor, and then use that money as a Christmas bonus to yourself. This is an abomination in my sight.

I have sent the poor to your church doors to test you in this, and you have turned them away. You let the homeless man starve in the street while you got fat on the abundance I supplied. You let the disabled child die in the cold, while your church building remained snug and warm on my dime. You turned away the pregnant woman, saying you had no money to help her, when I had filled your coffers. You forced her to the doors of the Planned Parenthood, so I hold both her weeping tears and the blood of her baby on your hands.

Rather than use my money for a good purpose, you have spent it on making yourself famous. This is not my prosperity. Prosperity by theft of the people is a grave sin.

Have I not told you to do your works in secret? Yet you take my money and install expensive video cameras in your expensive churches to use for expensive air time.

Prophetic Word 2012 for Church Fame and Fortune

God says:

You use my money to buy top-quality instruments and sound systems, and you set your worship teams up as rock stars. You say that you want only the best for me, but you worship the musicians, and you steal worship from me. Your best should go to my sons and daughters struggling in poverty, not to your fancy stages.

You make yourself famous on television, you make yourself famous on the stage, but you degrade my name and make me into an unknown god. I am coming to restore the name of Yahweh on the earth, and I hold you, church, responsible for this desecration.

You spend my money organizing endless rallies in which you curse those less fortunate than yourself. I have sent my son Jesus into your midst as a poor man, as a gay man, as a woman struggling with an unplanned pregnancy. Yet you rally against Jesus and you mock my name. This is an abomination in my sight.

Because you have misused my funds and embezzled my blessings for yourself, I am withdrawing my prosperity from you. Spiritual poverty and curses will come on you in the night. Who are you to say that you do not want to enable people? In you arrogance you forget that I enable your very breath. What if I decide that I no longer want to enable you, church?

Prophetic Word 2012, the Arrogant Church Will Perish in Sin

God says:

You, American church, will perish in your sin while I invite those whom you rejected to my wedding feast. Your clothes are red with blood; you have no place in my kingdom.

I will go out to the streets and find those who are more worthy than you. My kingdom belongs to the poor in spirit, to the humble, to the meek. My son, Jesus, told you these things, but you refuse to listen.

You want to be called my child, but I do not know you. You are a bastard child, and your father is the devil. If you were my child, you would do as I command. As it is, I have given you years of chances to repent and turn to me. You call on my mercy, but you forget my judgment. My patience is wearing out. Your sins far exceed those of Sodom and Gomorrah.

Prophetic Word 2012: The Church in Governmental Seats

Gods says:

2012 is the year of judgment on the American church. I will allow your Christian leaders to fill seats of government. This is not my heart, it is my judgment. Because you have desired power over my presence, I am giving you over to your sinful desires. These Christian politicians will tear down the economy of the United States, and the empire will collapse.

If you do not repent and seek my face, the land will groan under your greed. I will cause great floods, earthquakes, and storms to come to the United States. In this I will reveal the selfishness and the greed of the American Christians to the entire world. The world will see it and shake.

Repent While There is Time

God says,

Repent, American church, while there is still time. Bring your tithes and offerings to me and I will distribute them to the deserving. Give up all that you have, and I may turn from my anger. This is your last chance to produce fruit before I cut down your tree.

I am sending my prophets to you. Hear their words and repent. Beware of the false prophets who preach abundance and prosperity. They are sent of the enemy, they are wolves in sheep’s clothing. They will lead you to hell.

Repent and turn to Yahweh, judge of the heavens and earth. Learn my name and learn my ways. Humble yourself in the sight of Yahweh, and do what is just and right. Let 2012 be your year of repentance.

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