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Christmas Eve 2011: Jesus’ Message

Jesus is speaking to the church as we celebrate his birth this Christmas eve 2011.

A Message of Love

Jesus says,

My Father is not Santa Claus. He keeps no list of naughty and nice, no list of rights and wrongs. He loves the changed heart of a sinner, but he resists the proud. How is your heart toward the Father? Are you pursuing His kingdom of righteousness, or are you pursuing the fleeting gifts of the world?

I give you far more than cheap goods from the retail store. I came to the world to give everything for you. I long to heal you, but you must come to me with a repentant heart. A bruised weed I will not break, and a smoldering wick I will not stuff out. I love you. Are you following me with your own cross?

The Father has shown you His requirements? Do justly, have mercy, and walk humbly with Him. Talk to me every day. Repent and ask forgiveness for every wrong that you do. I do not demand perfection, only humbleness. Love your neighbor as yourself. Show love every day in every way.

A Message of Warning

Jesus says,

Woe to you who test my grace. If you claim to know me, but do nothing to help your neighbor in oppression, then there is no more grace for you. The path of holiness goes way beyond calling out my name. That is only the first step of the cross.

If you continue to act unjustly toward your neighbor in need, you stomp on my blood. If you continue to amass wealth for yourself at the expense of the sweat shop worker, the minimum wage family, the slave, you make a mockery of my cross. Claiming ignorance is not good enough. Learn and know the atrocities around you. Work for equality and holy justice. You are my hands and feet on the earth.

This is my message for Christmas eve 2011. Come to me with clean hands, and a repentant heart. Open your ears and your heart. I will lead you in holy justice, the path of the cross and the kingdom.

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