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corporate slavery, money bag over head

The Corporate Slavery Plantation

Corporations Linked to Slavery

Do you dread work? Are you getting ahead in your job, achieving personal potential and destiny? Or are you just paying the rent? Welcome to the American dream! Many people live under the daily burden of American corporate slavery.

The American corporation achieved the status of a “person” under the law in the 1886 in a Supreme Court case, Santa Clara County v. Southern Pacific. This is only a few years after the close of the Civil War and the supposed end of slavery in the United States. This is no coincidence. A sinister transaction took place; the plantation slave owner was supplanted by a far more insidious slave master, the corporate “person.” read more

church status symbol

The Church as a Status Symbol

“What church do you go to?”

“I go to the Rocking Community Church, the main campus. The one in the city. They have a great worship team. With all the satellite churches, we now have over 2,000 members! Jesus is really blessing us.”

“Oh, really? I hear that’s a great place! My friend told me they had an iJesus series? Maybe I’ll check it out. I just found this cute outfit on sale. It’ll be great for church!”

“Yeah, Dan’s the pastor, and he’s so cool. He’s going to be doing a new series on Jesus and football. His messages are so relevant. You should check it out.” read more

the rich man has no name

The Rich Man Has No Name

As I consider the story of Lazarus and the rich man, I am struck by one thing. Yeshua never called the rich man by name. The poor man is named Lazarus. The rich man has no name.

The Rich Man and the Skeleton Houses

I was riding the bus today through Lake Oswego, an opulent, wealthy suburb of Portland. I saw all the “castles” which people build for themselves and I thought, “What is it really all for? I’m sure not impressed.”

In the midst of my thoughts, I passed by a house under new construction. It was gigantic, sprawling, imposing, and… a skeleton. Just a mere skeleton of wood and concrete. Wooden beams stretching to the sky, wooden beams dividing rooms, wooden beams shaping a staircase and a floor. It was not at all impressive. I suppose people will ooh and ahh once the carpet goes in, the windows are filled with glass, the walls are painted a trendy color, and the outside is decorated with expensive stonework. read more

Christians and Toddler Pageants

I saw an episode of Dr. Phil today which featured two women who both use their daughters to compete in toddler pageants. One of the women is infamous for dressing up her daughter as the prostitute figure which Julia Roberts portrays in “Pretty Woman.” This mom insists that she would never portray her daughter as a “hooker,” and that she thought it would be a cute idea to do a character study of Julia Roberts.

Ok. Let’s process this. A three-year-old doing a “character study” of an actress portraying a prostitute? This is “cute”? What about sexual predators who might see these images? Would it be “cute” for them? read more

churches help homeless families

Churches Help Homeless Families

Churches help homeless families. A few churches in Portland, Oregon have answered the call to give a small amount of money toward the big needs of families suffering homelessness this winter. Will more churches answer the call, or are they too focused on prosperity and pretty trimmings?

JOIN: New City Initiative for the Homeless

There is a nonprofit group called JOIN in Portland, Oregon. They have put together the New City Initiative as a way to gently push churches to help homeless families among the overwhelming homeless population in Portland. They are asking for 10 churches to give $2400, $800 a month for three months, to help house 10 families for three months while they get on their feet. The organization is also asking that these churches provide a few volunteers to visit with the homeless families. If $800 is too much to ask, then the organization suggests that several churches band together to support one family. Furthermore, this is not an ongoing commitment. It is only a one-time thing. Easy peasy. Read more with this Oregonian article Expanding capacity to help homeless. read more

evangelical crusader, soldier of the cross

Evangelical Crusade: Fight the World for Jesus

The year is 1260. The priest takes his pulpit in the open air. He jumps around and pounds his fists. “The enemy is advancing,” he shouts. “Get rid of your sins today! Take up the cause of Christ! Believe in his work for you on the cross, and give your life to him. If you take up arms, your sins will be immediately forgiven.”

The priest ends his sermon with a bellow. “And so it is clear, most beloved, that those who join the army of the Lord will be blessed by the Lord. They will have the angels as companions, and they will receive eternal rewards when they die.” (Humbert of Romans, 1260, The Crusades, Christianity, and Islam Jonathan Riley-Smith, pg. 38).) read more

false prophets, snake

Warning to False Prophets

There are many churches and people who say that there are no prophets any more. I can understand their confusion. Most of the people who call themselves “prophets” in the Charismatic church are swindlers and sellers of snake oil. They preach peace when our nation is constantly at war, physically and spiritually. They are false prophets.

God is coming to judge America, indeed, the judgments have already begun. Stop listening to the lies of the false prophets proclaiming God’s blessing over America. Open your eyes and see our sinking economy! Look at the violent weather and the violent government! read more

lowly dove

The Lowly Dove: The Power of the Holy Spirit

The lowly dove is a common bird. Not flashy, like a peacock, or talkative, like a parrot, the dove too often goes unnoticed. But the lowly dove is my favorite bird, and a prophetic sign on earth.

The Lowly Dove as Peace in the Bible

The dove is the universal prophetic symbol for peace. This makes sense, as we first see the dove in the Bible during the great flood. Noah sends out a dove to see if the land is dry, and the dove comes back with an olive branch. This is the first sign that the flood is receding, a sign that God has washed away all wickedness, making peace with humans. read more