austerity and end times

Austerity and End Times

People are taking to the streets right now in Greece as the government passes new austerity measures (New York Times). A schoolteacher can no longer buy food for her family as her wages plummet 20%, and she is forced to line up at the soup kitchen. A government worker loses his job overnight, and he faces the prospect of losing his apartment and finding a new home- on the street.

Austerity is the Pain of the Poor

The situation is grim and will soon be repeated around Europe and the United States. Do not think that we are immune. Our government may not be calling it “austerity measures,” but every cut to Medicaid, every dollar taken from the food stamp program, every government job cut, is another person closer to disaster. We, too, will someday see rioting in the streets as people have nowhere else to turn. We must change course.

Right now 85% of students graduating college in the United States are moving back in with their parents. 85%!

There are so few jobs for the young people. People with master’s degrees and PhD’s are working at McDonald’s and WalMart. What kind of a future do we have?  Out of hopelessness, these students will riot, especially if the government decides on new austerity measures to demand that they pay back their student loans with no income.

Meanwhile, the rulers in Greece, the EU government officials, the US congressional members and White House staff go home to their warm mansions and gourmet meals. Their austerity measures harm and make the people homeless and hungry. The rich do not feel the pain. They keep driving their SUVs while the poor have nothing at all to drive. They keep eating expensive imported foods while the poor starve. They laugh at austerity measures, saying that it will never touch them.

Austerity is a Sign of the End

But, oh so quickly it will touch the whole world! The world is locked together in an abyss of globalism, and the whole ship is sinking. The rich better take heed that their game is about to end.

The rain is starting to fall, and the flood will be let forth if we do not change course. Even in the day of Noah, the rich said that it could never rain. Yet rain it did. Justice is soon to be released in a torrent. God only holds back His hand in hope that the world will yet repent. Will the rich of the world choose the way of Noah, or the way of Jonah?

Austerity is a part of the beast credit system. The Christians have fallen under its spell. No man can calculate the number of the credit system, written on the credit card in your hand and the calculations in your mind (forehead). This beast is gasping for air, clinging to its dying breath, while the rich keep walking around oblivious. The credit system will fall, the poor will rejoice, and God will set the captives free.

There is no Austerity in the Millennial Kingdom

We are living at the end of time, and the beast will soon die. The millennial kingdom is coming, a kingdom of light and fairness, a kingdom with no hunger, no homelessness, no austerity measures. Jesus will reign in peace and love.

But before this kingdom comes we must live through the tribulation, the birth pangs, the dying. Things will be very dark for awhile. Earthquakes, floods, famines, wars, nuclear warfare, it’s all coming. Prepare yourself for the coming flood. Turn to God before it’s too late.

Are you awake? Is your oil prepared? Are you ready to stand firm and take your place at the great feast of the Lamb? Or will you sit back and keep stealing from everyone else, ignoring the poor and hurting among you until the very end?

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